Macbelt conveyor belts are specially designed for the food processing industries as well as for other general conveyor applications. Emphasis are placed on the best, achievable quality with the highest rate of reliability, efficiency and the longest usable life-cycle. The belts are the most durable under any working conditions as well as any operating environments.


Best Equipment | Best Machine | Best Quality Of Product

Macbelt PVC Conveyor Belts is a highly versatile thermoplastic so has contributed to the very wide range of applications.

Macbelt PU Conveyor Belts, a combination of durable polyester fabric and high grade polyurethane coating gives high resistance to lex fatigue even on knife edge transfers.

Macbelt DR3 Hygienic Belts is monolithic belts and homogeneous belts, belt is no fray belt edge and very strong. The both designs are available- Full Drive and Center Drive.

Industries & Applications

Macbelt Conveyor Belts produces Conveyor Belts. We are manufacturer conveyor belts from 3 factories Netherland, China and Thailand. We have full teams and full machines for “Production and Service”.

Moreover, we also have got reliability and continually contacted with our customer in all industries.

More 35 YearsOf Our Experiences

With over 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of thermoplastic belting products,
Macbelt is committed to providing our customers with quality, application-based solutions.

Good Quality

We make a variety of belts in to
the measurements and design
required by you

Speedy Service

Macbelt belting’s field support service is available throughout 24 hour

Valuable Price

We developed the products with care the quality and value of price


Macbelt Equipment & machine. Macbelt Belting develops and produces a variety of PVC plastisol and PU resin specifically for use with our belting products. We have also developed a broad range of tools for each of the products we manufacture.

These include

Knife coating machine

• Heat presses machine 500, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000

• Slitting machine

• Finger punching machine

• Ply separating machine

• High frequency welding Machine

• Thermoplastic machine

• V-guiding welding machine

• Sidewalls, flights, profiles weld machine

• Butt welding tools

• Fastener lacing tools