Macbelt Conveyor Belts is specially designed for the food processing industries as well as for other general conveyor applications. Emphases are placed on the best, achievable quality with the highest rate of reliability, efficiency and the longest usable life-cycle. The belts are the most durable under any working conditions as well as any operating environments. With the most advanced manufacturing processes to ensure products of equally best-quality and persistently high-efficiency can be produced to meet demands of today’s world of globalization. Our development cycle started from our research & development, and through designing, selecting of raw materials, quality control of production processes and after-sales services which will not just providing reliable, on-time services but also gather many useful and most valuable information as feedback input data for further and endless chains of products development as well as services improvement. The most important of all is our determination to provide the best services for our customers. We shall do our best with all of our heart and mind, in each and every step of the way to always satisfy the needs of our customers. With the technology from the Netherlands for big or small jobs, Macbelt can handle them all.

Wide Ranges of Our Macbelt Conveyor Belts Uniquely Comply On :

1. Food Contact Safety

  • FDA & USDA compliant for hygiene
  • Good resistance to oils and fats
  • Non-toxic coating for all types of product
  • Suitable for wrapped foodstuff
  • Easy to clean surfaces

2. Best Quality

  • High resistance to flex fatigue
  • Good resistance to water, chemicals and solvents
  • Thermo Joints as strong as original belt
  • Resistance to impact driving and conveying surfaces
  • Excellent wear resistance and durability
  • Excellent driving capability with 1, 2, 3, or 4 ply construction for light duties to heavy duties

3. All-round Solutions And Customization

  • Special types for specific applications
  • Special types for troughing application
  • Grip-top surfaces available
  • Wide ranges of profile, flight, and sidewall with all high frequency wielded
  • Thicker coatings for greatest resilience
  • Fully-coated, skim-coated for a uncoated
  • Available in white, blue, green and black color